4 Reasons Why Someone with Asperger’s Should Consider Working Online

Aaron Tanner, this week’s guest on Horkey HandBook, thinks that people with Asperger Syndrome may want to consider working online. Aaron shares his own story of how he started freelancing as a writer and virtual assistant alongside his day job, and why the low pressure, low social interaction environment of online work is a good fit for him.

I have a form of Autism called Asperger Syndrome.

Asperger Syndrome is characterized by having average to above average intelligence but deficiencies in social and communication skills – such as not recognizing a person’s tone of voice or body language – along with sensory processing issues.

Because Asperger’s falls on a spectrum of Autism disorders, not every person with the condition will exhibit the same traits. For example, I can recognize sarcasm, but have sensory issues, while the reverse may be true for someone else with the same condition.

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