5 Key Gender Differences In Narcissists

Have you ever wondered if there are gender differences in narcissists? Well, I wondered that very thing recently so I did a little research. Turns out, narcissists are more alike than different regardless of gender. That said there are a few specific differences in the behaviors of narcissistic men and women.

We’re Only Human

Before we get started on this topic, if you’re unsure of what a narcissist is, please read Narcissistic Personality Disorder  (NPD) first. One caveat I’d like to mention is that all human beings have narcissism in them. Normally, it’s a healthy amount that helps them accomplish goals, have self-esteem and confidence to work, try new hobbies, and have healthy relationships. It’s when the narcissism is overdeveloped in a person that it becomes a disorder. I always like to remind people of this fact because it tells us that some of the behaviors we see in a narcissist, we see in ourselves in small (healthy) doses.

Remember that the narcissist will find supply not only in his spouse but friends, and business associates as well. That’s why it’s good to recognize the behaviors and spot when you’re being targeted and used for the narcissist’s supply. In this post, I show examples of the behaviors in domestic relationships but some of these could be applied to friendships and business partnerships etc.

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