5 Key Gender Differences In Narcissists

Work & Domestic Roles That Provide Power

For example, a male narcissist is often found to be in a rather powerful work role such as police officer, teacher, coach, politician or religious leader. Not only do these work roles grant them a certain level of power, they also contribute to a traditional image. The man being the provider thus attracting his supply. I’m not saying by any means, that all men in these types of work roles are narcissists…not the case. Simply, these are some examples of the kind of work they do.

Narcissistic women place more importance on their appearance, sexuality, and charm than men do. They tend to highlight their domestic skills to attract their supply. They are also extremely enthusiastic sexually in order to snare their male target, but this will wane. While charm and appearance are important to the male narcissist, it’s not nearly to the same degree.

Sticking to traditional roles and avoiding being a rebel can work for both genders.

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