5 Key Gender Differences In Narcissists

In Sum

The key differences between the narcissist’s gender still result in similar outcomes—full use of their supply. Interestingly, from the research paper and articles I’ve read, the narcissist mother can potentially cause more damage to young children than the narc father. This is because of her domestic, stay-at-home role. The father is more likely to focus his destructive behavior outside the domestic realm, at least while children are young. That said, he has his own special brand of child abuse for teen/adult children.

It’s worth noting that males are more likely than females to be narcissists, based on the evaluation facets of NPD.

“Some scholars have noted that “the symptomatology of narcissistic personality resembles very highly the masculine sex role stereotypic of men in our culture, including physical expressions of anger, a strong need for power, and an authoritative leadership style” (Corry, Merritt, Mrug, & Pamp, 2008, p. 593). In addition, the prevalence of lifetime narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is greater for men (7.7%) than it is for women (4.8%)”-University Of Nebraska Study 2014

In conclusion, the gender differences are slim between male and female narcissists. They both lack empathy for others and put their own needs above everyone else. Their tactics may vary slightly, but their agendas are similar—that is to use and abuse their supply.


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