5 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy When Living with Vitiligo

Practice Self-Affirmation

The first patches of vitiligo appeared on my eyelids. I literally ignored them. I thought that if I didn’t acknowledge the discoloration, the spots would naturally disappear. So for months I refused to look at myself in the mirror. I slowly began to realize how damaging denial was, especially as a coping mechanism. Although it was a process, my first step in healing was recognizing my own worth and beauty.

The power of self-affirmation was the mental and emotional breakthrough I needed. It was extremely liberating to wake up, look at my reflection, and appreciate all of me. To this day, I often look in my mirror and say, “you are worthy, beautiful, and strong.” I take these positive thoughts with me throughout my day and I use them to negate and combat any negative internal feelings or ideas. By practicing consistent self-affirmation, I’ve been able to feel self-validated and comfortable in my own skin.

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