5 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy When Living with Vitiligo

Go To Therapy Regularly

I often joke that my therapist is my best friend. There is some truth to it. Finding a therapist that I connected with has been a key component of my mental health journey. In addition to being able to vent, engaging in honest and productive conversation provided me with clarity on many complicated issues.

The beauty of therapy is the accountability aspect. You and your therapist can create tangible goals that you will aim to conquer. Your therapist will also hold you accountable to those goals because your success is a mutual achievement. Aside from these benefits, your therapist is also a trained professional who can give you advice on how to remain mentally healthy for a lifetime.

Find Community Online

For me, living with vitiligo means dealing with continual change. From one day to the next, my patterns constantly differ. The emotions that come with this change are often difficult to process alone. That’s why I turned to the vitiligo community online. A simple Instagram search of #vitiligo will fill your feed with photographs of beautiful people living great lives with the condition.

Beyond Instagram, there are online support groups like VitFriends that can connect you to local support groups in the states and beyond. Personally, the online community and body positivity movement have broadened my comfort in the digital world in a way that translates into real-world confidence. Today, I have absolutely no problem in showing my spots to the world via the gram or in person.

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