6 Mistakes You’re Making That Can Make Crohn’s Worse

The loss of control you feel during a Crohn’s flare can be one of the most frustrating parts of dealing with the condition. Some factors that lead to flares are out of your hands. But adopting healthy lifestyle habits and ridding your routine of the not-so-healthy ones can help you take back some of the power when it comes to managing Crohn’s.

Diet is a major issue in IBD, and patients have been telling doctors for years that certain foods trigger their flares. Interestingly enough, a study published in January 2016 in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases that assessed the dietary beliefs and habits of 400 IBD patients reported a high level of consistency around certain perceived triggers. Of the 39 percent of patients who had Crohn’s disease, and 58 percent who had ulcerative colitis, nearly half of them felt that diet could be the reason for IBD and 57 percent were convinced it could set off a flare.

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