6 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Vitiligo

2. You likely have thyroid and adrenal dysfunction of some sort

Hashimotos is often seen along with vitiligo, as this study shows. It mentions that there is “a significant association between vitiligo and thyroid autoimmunity, and that tests to detect thyroid autoantibodies are relevant in patients with vitiligo.

If you have vitiligo, especially vitiligo that is active, you may want to consider getting your thyroid and adrenal function checked. Vitiligo is often a sign that other things are wrong inside of your body.

An endocrinologist can run a FULL thyroid panel for you…NOT JUST TSH. This is very important. A full thyroid panel will include TSH, T3 and T4 levels, TPO antibodies (crucial for detecting Hashimotos Thyroiditis).

A 24-hour urine cortisol test or a hair mineral analysis test are the best ways to get your adrenal function checked – I did both and they both revealed severe adrenal fatigue. I think you can also get a blood test as well.

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