6 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Vitiligo

4. You are gluten intolerant, and possibly have celiac

Gluten is a dangerous food for those with vitiligo, celiac, and hashimotos thyroiditis. Gluten is very damaging to the gut and its molecular structure actually resembles the thyroid gland – which causes your body to become confused and attack the thyroid gland.

What’s more, is that vitiligo and celiac share the same gene – NLRP1.

…the gene NLRP1 (formerly known as NALP1), has been confirmed as being associated with vitiligo, as well as with celiac disease, Addison’s disease, systemic sclerosis, and lupus, and with type 1 diabetes in two out of three studies. (source)

So, if you have vitiligo you may want to avoid gluten altogether as it can be very risky, to say the least.

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