7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor When Diagnosed with Epilepsy

“Why didn’t my doctor tell me that? What is a seizure trigger? I didn’t even know that existed! How do I survive this?.” These are just some of the questions and comments from people newly diagnosed or currently living with Epilepsy. Why is it that whenever we are diagnosed with any health issue, the doctors who treat it, never gives you the full picture? There’s always parts missing and we are left with more questions than answers. If you are newly diagnosed, you have entered the world that you may know nothing about. As a Patient Leader, it has become my duty to help those navigating this sometimes confusing and overwhelming road of epilepsy. I will provide you with some questions you should be asking your doctor. It is never too late to get in the driver’s seat of your health journey.

I want to give you some general questions to lead the conversation with your doctor. Be advised all opinions are my own. If you have more questions that you think should be a part of this list then drop them in the comments below.

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