9 Signs of High Functioning Autism That I Missed

My son was six years old when we started the process of getting his assessment.  He was almost seven when it was completed. He’s seven now and in second grade. As much as I dislike the label, he is generally described as having “high functioning” autism.

He doesn’t have all of the signs of “classic” autism, so he was diagnosed late. He never received any early intervention services, he was too old for them. We are waiting now for support through the school-aged autism program.  But, after we knew – I realized. I missed so many of the signs of high functioning autism.

Looking back I see they were there and I want to share them with you.

Remember, if your child does some (or all) of the things on this list, it doesn’t mean they have autism. This post is about my personal experience. But if you are a parent reading this and wondering about your own child my advice is: always follow your gut. Voice your concerns to your child’s doctor. If I had followed my gut, we probably would have had an earlier diagnosis.

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