All You Need To Know About Treating Parkinson’s Disease Naturally

Natural treatment for Parkinson’s disease (PD) can complement standard treatment and improve quality of life. Natural supplements like velvet bean, brahmi, broad beans, and fish oil regulate and boost dopamine in the brain, reduce nerve cell death, and reduce depression. Tea, coffee, veggies like cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes, and fruits like pears and grapes reduce risk of PD. Exercise can strengthen the muscles and bring back control over movement.

Natural Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease

  • Try natural supplements like velvet bean, brahmi, fish oil, and cocoa
  • Avoid fermented food, dried meat, aged cheese, and alcohol
  • Exercise to regain motor control

Parkinson’s is one of the most debilitating conditions that can render you quite helpless. Not being able to walk, eat, or move properly on your own can leave you with an unnerving depression. And there’s no one-stop solution to this condition yet. But don’t give up hope!

Alternative natural remedies for Parkinson’s can strengthen your body and mind enough to be in charge of your life again. To treat Parkinson’s, these remedies target 3 aspects of the disease:

  • Increasing dopamine in the brain (mostly like the drug called Levodopa or L-dopa used frequently in Parkinson’s treatment)
  • Easing irregular movements like tremors
  • Reducing psychological issues like depression

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