Alopecia Awareness Month

Alope­cia Area­ta is an au­toim­mune dis­or­der that af­fects rough­ly 6.8 mil­lion peo­ple in the Unit­ed States (US). This dis­or­der usu­al­ly re­sults in un­pre­dictable hair loss. Hair usu­al­ly falls out in small patch­es at a time but some cas­es can be more ex­treme.

This au­toim­mune dis­or­der can lead to com­plete loss of hair on the scalp, which has been termed alope­cia to­tal­is. In ex­treme cas­es, when the en­tire body suf­fers hair loss it is called alope­cia uni­ver­salis. This con­di­tion can af­fect any­one no mat­ter the age or gen­der, but stud­ies have shown that most cas­es oc­cur be­fore the age of 30.

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