Endometriosis Symptoms: Neuropathy

What is neuropathy?

The fifth predominant symptom, neuropathy, is pain caused by damaged nerves. When you have neuropathy, the nerves are physically attacked, either directly or indirectly. Endometriosis occurring in and around the nerves, while rare, still does occur.

How can endometriosis cause neuropathy?

When endometriosis spreads to regions within the pelvic cavity, it increases the risk of causing nerve damage. Endometriosis scar tissue can pull nerves, or even attack nerves directly. Lesions building around these nerves will apply pressure on the nerves themselves, thus causing a constant, sharp pain. Patients often describe this pain as a throbbing or stabbing sensation that is aggravated by physical activity or even walking. The sharper the pain, the more likely it is that a lesion is pushing directly on a nerve.

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