How Long Does Trigeminal Neuralgia Last & Ways to Get Rid of it?

About Trigeminal Neuralgia

Severe sensitivity of the face across the trigeminal nerve area is called trigeminal neuralgia. Pain can be mild or severe. Loss of myelin of the trigeminal nerve attributes to this condition. There are mainly two types of trigeminal neuralgia; typical and atypical trigeminal neuralgia. Women are seen to be more commonly affected than men. Some of the common symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia include pain along the trigeminal nerve divisions; pain in the eyes, ear, forehead, jaw, mouth, face; oversensitivity in the mentioned areas, uncomfortable tingling and burning, numbness of face, toothache.

When the myelin sheath covering the trigeminal nerve is damaged due to certain neurological conditions, the nerve functioning becomes erratic and hyperactive. Whenever trigeminal nerve comes into use (during chewing, swallowing, etc), a sharp pain occurs which can range from a few seconds to minutes in duration, even hours in some cases.

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