It’s OK to Grieve What Myasthenia Gravis Has Stolen

Once upon a time, I was healthy and vibrant, reveling in the promises of the future. There is something so delightful about the naivety of youth. It is unspoiled and untainted by the stains of this world. It thrives in the dreams of tomorrow and the wondrous audacity that nothing will stop you as you reach for your dreams — the bigger, the better.

The period I last felt carefree and enjoyed being young and silly feels like a different lifetime.

The memories call to me and lap at my consciousness, but I rarely acknowledge their presence anymore. Sometimes, they bring a big smile, but they also conjure up the ghosts of another time; they usher in that inevitable longing for a life that is no longer my own.

Life is full of changes and unexpected detours, but precious few are quite so devastating as the loss of your health and identity. No one really talks about that when you get diagnosed with a rare disease.

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