Mythbusters: 8 Things You Might Not Know about Vitiligo

Myth #3: Vitiligo Patients Have A Higher Risk Of Skin Cancer.

Several recent studies have shown that vitiligo patients actually have a decreased risk of skin cancer than the general population. With that said, vitiligo patients should still be diligent about sun protection just like anyone else without vitiligo. It’s recommended that those with vitiligo wear sunscreen on a daily basis with SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two hours if out for extended periods of time.

Myth #4: Vitiligo Patients Need More Vitamin D.

Many vitiligo patients are vitamin D deficient but there has been no data to show that vitiligo patients need more vitamin D. For patients that are deficient, we do recommend that they take oral supplementation until their levels are within the normal range. With that said, the relationship between vitamin D and pigmentation is complicated and still being studied.

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