Partnered With A Narcissist? 5 Reasons I’m Not Waiting For Change

1. Do not take ownership for their mistakes/never apologize/blame others for everything negative that happens to them.

 Narcissists cannot face any “blow” to their ego because it attacks their feelings of superiority and sense of entitlement. I am currently in the middle of a high conflict divorce with a narcissist who was leading a double life with another narcissist for three years. Of course, he has stated numerous times that it is all my fault that he had the affair and has now moved in with the other woman and her five children. He also expects our children and I to just accept this situation, as he and his other woman are entitled to their happiness. This is obviously an extreme example of narcissism in action.

However, in retrospect, there were other examples during our marriage, mostly related to situations that he ended up in at his jobs. He got into some real trouble a few times and it was always someone else’s fault and he did nothing wrong. For example, an employee that worked under him was fired due to an incident that he was involved in as well. But I only heard his side of course, that the employee called him a “dirty dog” and accused of him of lying and using his power to get him fired. There were numerous stories similar to this one over the years. Overall, my soon to be ex husband would NEVER apologize to anyone ever. Not even our children.

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