Partnered With A Narcissist? 5 Reasons I’m Not Waiting For Change

2. Often talk about grand plans and projects how they will make them famous, rich, or otherwise feel powerful.

Narcissists need to feel that they are seen as successful in order to maintain their ego. My soon to be ex lived in a complete fantasy world in terms of work and crazy get rich quick schemes. He would always talk about going to Hollywood because he should be an actor or model. He also had ridiculous “business” ideas like making and selling our own envelopes online (Huh? Doesn’t Mead take care of that?). Naively, instead of viewing this as a sign of a personality defect, I just always thought of him as a “dreamer” and I was the realist that kept us balanced. If your partner seems to always be coming up with ideas and fantasies that you know are unattainable, heed that as a possible warning of narcissism.

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