Partnered With A Narcissist? 5 Reasons I’m Not Waiting For Change

4. One sided and stingy when it comes to money/finances.

 Narcissists view money that they have or earn as their own and spend it as they wish, even in a marriage. They willingly spend other people’s money to meet their selfish needs. During my marriage, I was the breadwinner for over half of it and never thought about our finances being separate or my money and his money. Then, when I was no longer the breadwinner due to unforeseen circumstances, my husband resented every penny that he had to pay to support our family. Things were more difficult financially when I had to take a lower paying job, but certainly not dire, and every day for three years he made me feel terrible that HE had all of these bills to pay. It’s not that I wasn’t contributing at all financially. I just couldn’t carry the mortgage and everything with my salary alone any longer. However, during this time he bought a motorcycle outright and every electronic gadget you could think of from game systems to laptops to iPads. Also, this is apparently when the affair and ultimately his double life began. Narcissistic behaviors regarding money are often the most obvious signs of trouble. It is very related to the “sense of entitlement” that narcissists possess as well.

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