Partnered With A Narcissist? 5 Reasons I’m Not Waiting For Change

5. It is all about them.

 Narcissists function from the notion that it’s all about them, leaving those who are in relationships with them to question their own sanity. This was prevalent in very subtle ways in my marriage. For example, our morning routine on weekdays was very hectic with two young children (now six and eight) and, more often than not, I was the one who got the children fed, ready, packed, and dropped off for the day in addition to myself, while he would sit at the kitchen table on his laptop, eating his breakfast, making tea and coffee, packing his lunch, getting himself showered and dressed. Although it seems silly, he actually took way longer showers than me (like 25 minutes and had to listen to music when he was in there). Who has time for that during the morning rush? Oh yeah, a narcissist.

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