Why Narcissists Use Silent Treatment

Narcissistic silent treatment is something that virtually every narcissist delivers skilfully. Ironically it’s the horrible blow that they themselves are terrified of – being rendered invalid, invisible and totally redundant. We all know what it is to ignore or be ignored – we may have snubbed someone at sometime in our life, or we may have been given the “cold shoulder” ourselves. We all clearly know silent treatment means this: “I disapprove of you or something you’ve done”.

However, this cruel action – narcissistic silent treatment – is a lot more impactful than merely being brushed off by someone. In my recent article regarding the passive-aggressive narcissist we looked into the ultimate weapon used – narcissistic silent treatment – yet in this article I want to go into this in more detail, to really help you understand this tactic that virtually every narcissist, at some stage, will use.

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